How do I find technical mostly politics-free accounts to follow? Cat pictures are welcome.

I stepped away for a bit and BAM! Twitter is here. 😨

#Ledger is an open source command line financial reporter.

Ledger parses and process double entry #accounting journals written by the user. It can then create detailed reports on various accounts.

Ledger isn't a full validator and journal like #GnuCash, rather it is a tool to allow you to verify and overview hand made paper-like accounting journals. This allows for great flexibility.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: ledger

#free #foss #opensource #fossmendations #finance

The car I ordered pulls up, IDs me, and opens the door. I get in.
"Lock. Full privacy. Quiet. Lights out."
The windows blacken, and noise cancelling is activated. I sit back and breathe. After a couple of minutes, the car asks "Destination?"
"I am where I need to be," I say.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"I'm hiring a Software Developer Apprentice, full-time and paid. There will be an emphasis on learning and quality, not speed of development. You'll work on: frontend and backend web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and APIs. Apply: "

Say if you're around Pittsburgh USA or willing to relocate and you want to work with me and a bunch of generally awesome folks...

Hello #accessibility people!

Are there any hints you would give users on here to make posts more accessible?

I've heard these quite often:

-Use CamelCase on hashtags, i.e. capital letters for each word within the tag. #CamelCase is easier for screenreaders to read correctly than #camelcase

-Add a text description on your images, it won't affect the character limit on your main post.

-Don't use rapidly blinking gifs on your profile, they are animated by default on public profiles.

We could use:

* A Rails-savvy architect or senior dev with architecture aspirations
* A technical manager comfy with multiple teams in an agile environment
* Some Vue-experienced UI developers

If any of these are you, feel free to DM me.

vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

Hello Ruby Folks, Goldstar (where I work) is hiring Rails developers in Portland, OR or Pasadena, CA. Please reach out if your interested. We aren't looking for remote folks right now. #hiring #rails #ruby #portland #pdxrb #seattle #losangeles #california #californialove #tupac #dontforgetaboutdre

RubyTogether August monthly newsletter has some welcome news on reorg (reorganization for the long run section).

Finding published books that are so terrible I can't finish the first chapter is really giving me strength to get started again on writing me own.

Wow.. valid ssl plus window only being wide enough to see valid part of url. I can see this fooling some 😢
RT Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this?


I am struggling to become a Ruby, JS developer later in life. It's been harder than I thought to rearrange my life to make room for this change. Any one out there have any tips? I'd love to find a solid mentor.

@james Absolutely. In OSS communities like Ruby, the general rule of thumb is that individuals give value while companies take value. I see nothing wrong in trying to balance that.

I'm #hiring again!

Do you care about developer productivity? Do you want to help people make better software more easily and (hopefully) more quickly? That's what we're doing in the Release Engineering team at WMF.

I'm looking for candidates with wide varieties of backgrounds. The most important quality you possess is the ability to learn and a deep desire to make things better.

Join my team as a Software Engineer!

#jobs #wikimedia #nonprofit #remote

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