@pointlessone and they now charge for each donation instead of each month. #patreon. Time to switch to #Liberapay

@pointlessone this is there official response: blog.patreon.com/updating-patr They think is more fair that the money you give is excluding fees and nog including fees.

@Jelv Yeah. I saw the post. That's where the numbers come for the graphics.

I didn't read it closely though.

@pointlessone they want to give donations quicker to the creators. So they change to direct donating. But with doing this they increase the transactions fees and increased there take from the donation and try to downplay it with the communication "creators get more" xD #patreon #drama

@pointlessone it was:

Once a month:
5% Patreon fee [for creator]
Stripe charges 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction [for creator]
PayPal charges 5% + $0.05 per transaction [for creator]

And now is:

Each donation:
(Donation - 5% Patreon fee [for creator])
Patreon charges 2,9% + $0.35 per transaction [for donator]

Conclusion is that small donations are a lot expensive. That is paid for by the donators. From 10 dollar the donations get cheaper.

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