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vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

Hello Ruby Folks, Goldstar (where I work) is hiring Rails developers in Portland, OR or Pasadena, CA. Please reach out if your interested. We aren't looking for remote folks right now. #hiring #rails #ruby #portland #pdxrb #seattle #losangeles #california #californialove #tupac #dontforgetaboutdre

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RubyTogether August monthly newsletter has some welcome news on reorg (reorganization for the long run section).

Finding published books that are so terrible I can't finish the first chapter is really giving me strength to get started again on writing me own.

Wow.. valid ssl plus window only being wide enough to see valid part of url. I can see this fooling some 😶
RT Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this?


I am struggling to become a Ruby, JS developer later in life. It's been harder than I thought to rearrange my life to make room for this change. Any one out there have any tips? I'd love to find a solid mentor.

@james Absolutely. In OSS communities like Ruby, the general rule of thumb is that individuals give value while companies take value. I see nothing wrong in trying to balance that.

I'm #hiring again!

Do you care about developer productivity? Do you want to help people make better software more easily and (hopefully) more quickly? That's what we're doing in the Release Engineering team at WMF.

I'm looking for candidates with wide varieties of backgrounds. The most important quality you possess is the ability to learn and a deep desire to make things better.

Join my team as a Software Engineer!

#jobs #wikimedia #nonprofit #remote

@teleclimber That too demonstrates misalignment between idea of communism and the actual inner working of FOSS.

The apparent similarity (community aspect) can give people false impressions.

I regularly see compared communism. There are definitely similarities.

I won't go deeper into the subject but I want to point out that accepting the point is outright dangerous.

Until FOSS can provide for a living in a capitalist environment it should not take pride in the way it accepts contribution.

In isolation it looks very similar to the ideals of communism but in the broader context it exploits contributors more than an average corporation.

@Pedro It hides page title. Tabs never can fully show page title. Hate it.

I’m looking for Ruby developers who have an app idea, but have never managed to get it built & in the App Store. If that sounds like you, let me know and I’ll put you on the list for my upcoming webinar.

Hey y’all. My name is Graham and I’m a Ruby developer from North Carolina, glad to be here! #introductions

@aral AFAIKT OS X had theme support from the very beginning (10.0). It just wasn't use very extensively. For a long time there were community maintained themes for OS X.

The dark mode uses the same engine. Even if there was some engineering effort it was not as much as building it all from scratch.

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