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Plants Know When They’re Being Eaten and They Don’t Appreciate it

Doesn't look good for moral vegetarianism.

brb establishing a standards body for the betterment of the internet as a whole

where good protocols that take years of unpaid labor to develop, which will benefit individual people and provide them a sorely needed alternative to a small number of mutually incompatible surveillance corporations' products

will be shitcanned if the volunteers exceed a deadline

One of my favorite idioms is Polish, and basically means "this is none of my business, so I'm staying out of it": "nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy", translated as "not my circus, not my monkeys".

Everyone who is outraged about <whatever Patreon did this time>.

Why don't you move your donations to Liberapay? Not only is it libre software, it also doesn't take a commission on your donations like Patreon does. I'm really a bit disappointed that the Mastodon people are mostly using Patreon to donate to their Mastodon admins and devs.


#Amaroq for Mastodon v1.1.6 update: now with Mastodon v2 instance support! Logins should no longer fail on instances running the latest release. Also squeezed in there is support for simplified Chinese. :3 As always it can take time for the update to propagate to the store so a tiny bit more patience to those who have been awaiting this fix. x3

Obligatory “it’s working” post 😅

Quick turning an update to the store. Amaroq returns Soon™

It's just really fucked up people look at self-driving trucks, automation, and go "ah, this is a bad thing because it puts people out of work. it is the technology that is the problem" instead of realizing that it's our insane mentality that you have to work 40 hours in order to deserve living that will hurt people in the end

@vfrmedia @cwebber @pony Some years ago users of a gaming site complained about the entropy so the administrator built this:

invent a crypto currency that doesn't unfairly advantage early adopters and isn't inherently deflationary (creating a deflationary spiral and encouraging its use as an investment instrument rather than a legitimate currency which also destabilises its value) and then I'll care

Is there a cryptocurrency that doesn't waste CPU cycles as a proof of work? Say, looks for hash collisions, or runs BOINC tasks.

I'd love BOINCoin!

vinyl is better than CD because its capable of reproducing so much more sound than was even originally recorded in the studio

I should throw this out there - are you good with buildsystems? Do you want to work with me? My team is hiring!

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Stalin killed more people than Hitler and was a genocidal maniac in his own right.

But the left would prefer to forget this and focus on the fascists rather than clean their closet of tankies.

What if I hate both fascists and tankies?

Looks like the Fallout 1 is free on Steam now.

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